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A lil' somethin' bout me


I am so glad you visited my page and read about me!!

Just a lil' somethin' somethin':

  • My name is Amanda, and I absolutely loves to connect with new people as well as learning their stories. I'm someone who would rather learn all about you, and get to know you on a deeper level.

  • Behind the camera I 'm a complete goofball so now you know what to expect from the get go! haha, but when I'm not behind the camera, I spend my time playing piano and guitar, singing, going on hikes, doing yoga, and watching my favorite sci-fi shows

  • I'm a UConn and UNH graduate who studied psychology in my undergrad and Mental Health Counseling in grad school. Overall, I'm a good listener! haha

  • I'm originally from Cuba, I was born there, and by the age of 5 my parents and I moved to Mexico. I lived in Mexico for 7 years only to find out I was unhappy living there! In 2008, my mom, grandma, and I moved to Connecticut, and I began a whole new chapter in my life! I'm a firm believer that things happens for a reason, and everything will eventually fall into place with just a little bit of hope and optimism!
  • I want to hear your story, not only to capture something at your most authentic self, but to make you feel comfortable with who you are because your uniqueness is what makes you stand out.

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